Support Services

We collaborate to care for cases that require:

  • Counters: development of opinions, audits and expertise.
  • Medical: for making preliminary reports, expertise. Specialists in psychiatry, psychology, genetics and DNA techniques, thanatologists, etc.
  • Calligraphers: for preliminary analysis and expertise.
  • Graphologists.
  • Experts in accident analysis: viability reports and expert claims.
  • Experts Informatics: to guard and skills tests.
  • Civil and industrial engineers, ecologists, chemists, environmentalists, hydrologists.
  • Investigations: We have different specialists and researchers, trained in collecting evidence and preparing cases. Among them for their experience and training collaborators include experts in cases of trademarks and intellectual property, as well as cyber and computer crimes, which have modern equipment to carry out their tasks .

Also interact with professionals from other law fields, and we have a network of correspondents at the highest level in major jurisdictions in the country, we work from a long time ago.